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Known more commonly as nearsightedness, myopia affects about a third of the population. It is characterized by difficulty seeing objects at a distance while experiencing ease seeing up close.

If you are suffering from this condition you may find yourself squinting or straining while driving. This is a condition that typically worsens over time, so if you have previously been diagnosed and are experiencing these symptoms, you may need to have another eye examination to determine if you need an updated prescription.

Myopia is caused by an elongated eyeball, which causes light rays to contact the retina in the front rather than on its surface as it does in a healthy eye. Treatment for this condition is effective with glasses or contact lenses and eye surgery, such as LASIK, can also be utilized for a permanent fix of the problem.

If you have been diagnosed with myopia and are once again experiencing symptoms or feel that you may have this condition, our optometrists are here to assist you with a comprehensive eye care and effective treatment options. 

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